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"I remember my first business venture – a lemonade stand."

I remember my first business venture – a lemonade stand. I was about 10 years old. I was super excited and made the lemonade myself, well with a little supervision. Over the summer my dad took me to a wholesale warehouse that sold every type of candy you could imagine. Needless to say I incorporated penny candy in the mix. I had used the money I earned from chores to pay for what I needed for inventory. Life seemed so simple as long as you had some type of plan.


"My first business was a mobile food stand."

Wow, my first business was a mobile food stand to raise money to take our singing group’s music to the next level. I come from a family of singers so it was no shock when a few of cousins and I started our progression. I had the brilliant idea to sell chicken and fish dinners to raise money for our shows, studio time, etc. We completed our EP project with a total of six songs and the first from our area to have our own recorded project – such a great accomplishment.

At the heart of our mission is our promise to you:

Your Business, Our Focus

At the heart of our mission is our promise to you:

Your Business, Our Focus

When we sat to organize the about us portion of our site – we were amazingly stumped. One would think that with over 30 years of combined experience in Healthcare, Operations and Business management to name a few – someone would have something prolific to share with future visitors. Truth is on our journey to a successful business there have been tears, devastation and lots of closed doors. Throughout it all we have uncovered that a successful business all boils down to two position(s): Those who do vs. Those who don’t.

Rather than talk about us let's talk business in general. Did you know that the average start-up fails in 1-5 years of their existence as a direct result of finances and or viable services? This means that capital and other resources were not readily available to preserve these brilliant business ventures. This is unacceptable and can no longer be tolerated. So, what now? We at Norman & Norman Consulting propose that we change the narrative and help you redefine success. To do this we realign on three founding pillars: IMAGINE. PLAN. DO. We would not ask you to do what we have not.

Discover Our Process.


The first step is a free consultation. During our time together we will envision the possibilities and discuss services to support your business on the journey.


Next we will formulate a detailed program of action. This will outline each step, timeline and relevant logistics as applicable.


Finally it’s time to execute and bring to pass those ideas discussed.  But don’t worry we wont leave you to walk the plank alone –our business support team will be there should you have any questions/concerns along the way.  

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Whether you are an existing business or brand new – our support services will be just the solution to help you leverage the playing field.

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